Low latency , concurrency , network

Context switches : Epoll vs multithreaded IO benchmark

Multithreading : Multicore programming and false-sharing benchmark

Multithreading : Lockless thread safe SPSC ring-buffer queue

Multithreading : Memory orderings and fine grained SPSC lockless queue benchmark

Multithreading : Lock contention and fine-grained vs coarse-grained benchmark

Virtual methods and CRTP benchmark

Automated debugging

GDB Debugging Automation with Python : Implementing a memory leak detector

Windbg automation and extensions


C++ exceptions with stack traces

Debugging/profiling tools in AAA game industry

Cross platform development ( Linux development from Windows )

Visual Studio for existing remote Linux C++ projects using GDB

Debugging remote Linux C++ projects using Netbeans


C++ Reflection using Clang

Calling C++ and user-mode APIs from Python

Modern C++ ( C++11, C++14, C++17 , … )

C++11 Move semantics

C++11 Lambda expressions , std::function , std::bind and callbacks

Transition to C++11 : The most important features

C++14 Features


C++ Standards : What is the size of char in C++

Notes on native code portability

Important C++ Idioms

Undefined, implementation defined and unspecified behaviors in C++